Improve productivity for preparation for manufacturing using DESIGNER 2022.4

DESIGNER is Hexagon’s CAD application for smarter manufacturing, providing a variety of solid, surface, sheet metal modelling capabilities, creation of 2D drawings, electrode design, design automation, through macros and scripting, and a link to Hexagon CAM software and reverse engineering functionalities.

During the webinar, we will showcase the major enhancements introduced in DESIGNER 2022.4:

  • The new structure tree and enhancements
  • Bill of Materials (BOM)
  • General enhancements related to workplane creation and zoom commands.
  • Tips and tricks - how to get the best results from direct editing, undo history and translate commands, etc.

Using DESIGNER 2022.4, users can generate a part-list, or bill of materials (BOM), to list all the parts along with their quantities and relevant PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) such as material and type of part. In addition, DESIGNER 2022.4 has a powerful new structure tree which allows for easy management of all the data in the model and the search and filtering functionality which make it easy to make changes to specific elements in the model. Overall, the performance and user experience has been enhanced, making functionality more intuitive and easier to navigate.