Five reasons to upgrade your CMM

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As you read this, somewhere in some quality lab there is a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) still performing inspections after fifteen years of reliable service. 

A well-maintained CMM is an exceptional investment. Because of their robust design and construction, CMMs are built to last for many years. But to continue getting the accurate results you need and really maximise your investment, the occasional upgrade is inevitable.

Some CMM components, such as the electronics, software, and sensors, will need to be replaced over the CMMs lifespan. And this presents an opportunity to make your quality operations, and in turn company competitiveness, even stronger. Here are just five benefits of a CMM upgrade.

1. Extend the life of your CMM

In fact, even more so than simply extending the service time of your CMM, an upgrade breathes new life into your CMM. For example, if you replace your CMM controller with new models, such as the RC Line Retrofit Controllers, your bring the CMM back up to its originally specified performance. As well as revitalising performance, a controller replacement also enables you to push that performance further because now the machine will be compatible with a full range of new technologies, from increased sensor compatibility, the latest CMM interfacing solutions, and the newest software.  

2. Increase system productivity

The enhanced performance and technology compatibility that comes with a controller upgrade increases the productivity of the CMM. Returning your CMM to its original performance might help your teams meet production targets more reliably and even faster. You might capitalise on new opportunities to expand your application capabilities, positioning your business to take on new customers. The effects of an upgrade are most directly seen in the quality room, but certainly the impact can be felt across the business.

3. Make quality more effective and efficient

Upgrading to the latest metrology software can drive productivity further by introducing more functionalities that older versions didn’t have. As you can see on the What’s new in PC-DMIS page, which is refreshed as per the biannual software updates, the enhancements and opportunities for increased efficiencies stretches across a wide array of possibilities, from user-experience improvements, increased automation of processes, streamlined routine selection, simplified analysis of complex applications, and more. Holding a software maintenance agreement (SMA) with Hexagon ensures you get the latest version of the software and technical support. 

4. Experience less downtime and more confidence

With an aging CMM, older parts inevitably become obsolete. As the components become unsupported, finding spare or replacements can often be subject to significant delay, if not impossible. With an upgraded CMM, Hexagon can offer full availability of spare parts and a guarantee of the new parts that have been installed, giving you peace of mind, confidence, and reducing downtime. 

5. Be future-ready

Metrology technologies are always evolving, always advancing our conceptions of what productivity looks like today into even greater possibilities. And with this advancement, CMMs are also moving towards the smarter factory and a more autonomous way of working. By upgrading to the latest technologies, components and software, you open up more and more opportunities for greater automation on the factory floor. For manufacturers looking to the future, any vision of productivity and growth that doesn’t feature the automation that upgrades can deliver is an illusion.

Hexagon’s technical experts are ready and waiting to help support the revitalisation of your CMM. Learn more about how we can help enhance your productivity with an upgrade and retrofit