Empowering plastic injection mould designers with VISI Mould

Are you facing several challenges during the plastic injection mould design phase? Join Luca Clerici, Market and Product Specialist from our Product Management team, for the webinar to learn how VISI Mould can support you to address these challenges.

During the webinar, we will showcase major features of VISI Mould:

  • Model validation/feasibility
  • Parting plane analysis
  • Core & cavity model separation
  • Slides, lifters and flexible up & away units
  • Dynamic 3D tool design
  • 3D cooling with collision check
  • VISI Modelling - Powerful Surface Modelling & Solid Modelling Software

    VISI Modelling is the foundation of all VISI products and provides a robust and powerful solid and surface modelling system based around the industry standard Parasolid® kernel. Combined with Hexagon’s surface technology, model analysis and 2D design, VISI Modelling offers complete flexibility to construct, edit or repair the most complex 3D data.

  • VISI Analysis - Solutions for the validation & preparation of model geometry

    When working with imported data, the quality of the model is an important consideration. Finding potential problems at an early stage within the project will greatly simplify the task of the designer and generate huge time savings further along the design process.

  • VISI Mould - Mould Tool Design solutions for Mould Development

    VISI Mould provides the complete mould tool design solution based on industry specific automation that guides the user through the mould development process. Dynamic operation previews provide the designer with a 'real time' view of how component changes will affect the tool design.