Emergency Call-Taking & Dispatch Service Implements Interoperability Solution

Needing to improve communications and data sharing with the agencies it serves, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority implemented Hexagon’s interoperability solution, creating better situational awareness and reducing response times.

an emergency call dispatcher working at a computer

The Challenge

As the emergency call-taking and dispatch service for fire, police, ambulance, and state emergency services, Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) serves more than 5.5 million residents across the state of Victoria in southeastern Australia.

To improve communications and data sharing with the agencies it serves, ESTA needed an interoperability solution for its computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system. ESTA wanted the solution to share its accumulated CAD data related to incidents and response, as well as receive relevant incident data from those organizations in real time.

The Solution

Building on a successful incident management solution from Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division, ESTA implemented its interoperability solution to provide critical, real-time communication and data sharing with first responders.

With Hexagon’s technology, ESTA can easily share information with the five agencies it serves by segmenting the data specific to the organization, allowing the agencies to push data back to ESTA in real time. Multi-directional communication and data sharing creates a free flow of information between the agencies, creating better situational awareness and improving incident response capabilities.

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