Right here. Right now.

Right here. Right now.

Join us 13 June at 8:00 a.m. PST for first-person innovation with Hexagon's CTO Burkhard Boeckem

Join us at HxGN LIVE Global 2023

12-15 June 2023 at CAESARS FORUM in Las Vegas, NV

Right here. Right now. 

First person innovation 

There’s no such thing as a pessimistic innovator. In fact, innovation is the ultimate expression of optimism. Implicit in every new product or solution is the belief that we can do better … we can be better. 

Hexagon’s Chief Technology Officer Burkhard Boeckem kicks off day two of HxGN LIVE Global – Innovation Day – with a message for every innovator: the time to innovate is right here, right now. And this time it’s personal. He’ll assert that complex “industrial” technologies should be held to the same standards we expect of consumer-centric technologies. They should be intelligent, intuitive, efficient and inspiring. 

As Boeckem unveils some of Hexagon’s most exciting innovations, you’ll discover how their entire innovation strategy is focused on you and your experience, regardless of industry or application. He’ll recalibrate user expectations with first-person innovations designed to be sophisticated yet simple, and ready to be deployed – right here, right now. 

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