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Totally autonomous inspection: WRTL for Absolute Tracker

Thanks to WRTL (Wireless Real-Time Link), the Absolute Tracker AT960 and Absolute Scanner AS1 can now be used with no need for a cable connection between the tracker controller and the scanner. This allows for innovative new inspections concepts, including the mounting of either or both of the tracker and scanner on AMR systems for a truly autonomous inspection solution.


Fully autonomous laser tracker inspection with the WRTL

The WRTL provides a cable-free connection between the Absolute Scanner AS1 and the controller of the Absolute Tracker AT960 to which it is linked. The connection has a range of up to 40 metres, with no degradation of measurement speed or accuracy compared to a wired connection.

Versatile setup

Fully autonomous laser tracker inspection with the WRTL at AIRBUS

The WRTL can support a single tracker and scanner pair, or up to 4 pairs of tracker and scanners. It can even be setup in a crossed configuration to of up to 4 interlinked trackers and scanners, with each tracker able to monitor multiple scanners.


Fully autonomous laser tracker inspection with the WRTL

The introduction of the WRTL makes it possible to mount both tracker and robot-mounted scanner on AMR or AGV systems as an alternative to a fixed inspection installation. This allows the same measurement equipment to easily be used in multiple shop-floor locations, and is a generally more cost-effective solution, both in terms of hardware investment and floor space allocation.

Absolute Tracker: Automated Inspection

A core function of automated inspection systems is the potential to significantly reduce operator interaction within quality control processes.

Absolute Scanner AS1

The market-leading 3D laser scanner for arm and tracker, manual and automated.

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

High-performance 6DoF laser tracker technology in an ultra-portable and easy-to-use form factor