Tool Tracking

Hexagon's Tool Tracking solution allows you to trace the positions, calibrations and transfer of moveable tools and equipment, lowering the cost of theft and loss, while providing leadership and direct labor forces the know-how to get the tools they need to the job they're working on.

Utilities worker on job site uses tool tracking solution on his tablet to access tool information.

Creating a culture of continuous improvement with Xalt

VECA seamlessly enhances their enterprise operations by integrating digital workflows, like tool tracking and timekeeping.

Access real-time tool information

Tool Tracking with Xalt, saves time once spent hunting down tools and the cost of purchasing unnecessary replacements.

Improve tool availability and accountability

Tool Lifecycle Management

  • Automates tool tracking with an easy-to-use, mobile-optimised interface
  • Gives you real-time visibility into who checked out tools, how they are being used and where they are warehoused
  • Provides historical information for optimal maintenance, calibration and replacement
  • Records tool transactions between departments and crews
  • Allows you to schedule tool delivery to specific jobsites
  • Allows you to submit requests for available tools in seconds
  • And more
Construction worker on the job site using his mobile device to track construction tools and equipment, their location, usage and more via the tool tracking solution.
Xalt has put us ahead of our competition by allowing us to gather data electronically, create workflows, automate processes, validate data entry and analyze data to make better decisions.