Hexagon's Timekeeping solution adapts to the best practices and needs of any organization to collect time, validate it and package the information in a format for payroll teams to process it quickly and accurately.

Modernise and mobilise payroll

Modernise timekeeping workflows with mobile access to time and attendance

We're excited to announce that Hexagon Xalt Solutions is now Nexus Connected Worker!

Nexus Connected Worker solutions are designed to break down information silos and transform manual processes into efficient digital workflows, ensuring manufacturing excellence and efficiency.


Get real-time information and reduce errors

Hexagon’s Timekeeping solution eliminates the pain points associated with labor-intensive, error- prone payroll processes. Our solution automates and standardizes the entire payroll workflow, enabling workers to enter their hours in real time from the field on a smartphone or tablet. By applying custom business rules and verifying data as it is entered, Xalt Timekeeping improves accuracy and visibility while reducing overhead costs associated with payroll.

  • Modernise and mobilise payroll
  • Track workers' hours in real time
  • Improve accuracy and visibility
  • Reduce errors and overhead costs
  • Ensure on-time worker payments
Construction workers using tablet to log their hours at the job site with Xalt's timekeeping solution.