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TANK® is a comprehensive, easy-to-use Tank Designer Software for the design, analysis and evaluation of oil storage tanks. It provides for the design and analysis of wall and bottom plate thickness, supported cone roofs, service and maintenance considerations and other factors affecting tank design and safety, such as internal pressure, shell settlement, seismic and wind. TANK saves time by letting users select material information automatically from its extensive built-in material databases.

How does tank design software work?

Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division TANK design software performs calculations in accordance with the latest API standards 650, 620 and 653. Analysis can also take into account wind, seismic and settlement conditions - plus it can calculate air venting requirements to API 2000 Section 4.3. TANK users can edit or customise the marterial properties as per the project requirement.

Improve Productivity

Take advantage of steel oil storage tank design and analysis output and reports.

Ensure Data Quality

Benefit from API Standards 579, 620, 650 and 653, along with API 2002 4.3 for Venting.

Save Time

Make use of complete unit flexibility, allowable fluid heights and nozzle loads and flexibilities.

Montuotojas, Lithuania I Case Study

Montuotojas, an engineering firm from the Baltic region, uses TANK® for streamlined and API-compliant tank designs.

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