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GT STRUDL® is structural engineering software offering a complete design solution, including 3D CAD modeling and 64-bit high-performance computation solvers into all versions. GT STRUDL includes all the tools necessary to analyze a broad range of structural engineering and finite element analysis problems, including linear and nonlinear static and dynamic analysis, and can do so accurately in a fraction of the time of most other structural design software.

What is structural engineering software?

Structural design software helps structural engineers create safe and effective designs, while managing the complexity of many different scenarios across a range of industries, including power, civil engineering, marine and infrastructure. Quality software includes many features, such as interoperability, structural analysis, database-driven design and quality assurance - all of which are included in GT STRUDL.

How does structural engineering software work?

Structural engineering software helps streamline project execution, while being easy to learn and use. For example, GT STRUDL can create a usable analysis model from a flat CAD file, saving time and reducing manual errors. At the same time, structural engineers can also automatically generate wind and seismic loads in all user interfaces - reducing a intensive task to just minutes.

Lean Designs

Optimize not only your workflow by interoperability but also your project design for a greener project.

Reduce Man Hours

With more modern workflows and modeling options than any other analysis products, GT STRUDL can quickly be implemented for the most challenging projects or unique user preferences.

Safety First

We’ve met the highest Quality Assurance requirements since 1983 to ensure that your analysis is accurate and included global design codes to confirm that your design is safe.

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