SmartPlant® Foundation (SPF)

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Maintaining and accessing engineering data throughout a plant's lifecycle is challenging. SPF is a proven, customisable product for plant information management that ensures secure access to it; including design details, vendor data and requests for quotations. By leveraging SPF, users are able to make rapid, informed decisions – based on large, complex and accurate data sets – throughout each phase of the lifecycle.

Enhance Information Integrity

Ensures a secure, high-integrity repository for project and facility information and documentation, as well as auditable traceability.

Improved Decision-making

Provides precise and relevant data, supporting quick and informed decisions during time-sensitive scenarios while also effectively managing discrepancies and minimising errors.

Reduce Costs

Mitigates expenses and errors linked to diverse information sources by eliminating the barriers separating them.

PGESCo Digitises Plant Info | Case Study

PGESCo implements Hexagon's solutions to achieve project efficiency and meet stringent deadlines by digitising plant information.

L&T Chiyoda Ltd. | Case Study

L&T Chiyoda elevates global engineering project delivery through the integration of Hexagon solutions.

ROI behind Digitising Brownfield Facilities

Discover the return on investment (ROI) from digitising brownfield facilities, as Kayd Larsen from Brownfield Solutions Ltd., sheds light on cost-effective solutions enabling organisations to make the transition.

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