Smart Audits

Smart Audits are digital audits for operators to walk their equipment and check on all conditions and calibrations to ensure that operational machinery and automation systems are safe and ready for optimal output.

Manufacturing line full of robots on the line at a car manufacturing plant where a worker would conduct a line walk/smart audit.

Workflows with smart checklists ensure accountability

Set and maintain operational standards with digital, visual tools.

Ensure Process Adherence

Digitising your data is a foundational component to transforming your business operations

Smart Audits

Information collected informs and enables leadership to make smart decisions and prioritize activities.

Xalt’s Smart Audit transforms your audit process by driving ownership to the most important, operator level.

  • Eliminate paperwork and dual data entry through direct integration with asset management or ERP
  • Organise data into an analytics-ready format
  • Provide real-time collaboration between operations and maintenance by automatically generating work orders and escalating issues
  • Mitigate worker turnover issues through clear visual instructions
  • Ensure operator audits are performed correctly and consistently using step-by-step instructions
  • Enforce process adherence with data validation rules
  • reduce unplanned downtime due to the changeover or setup negligence
  • Inform your next Gemba walk with completed line walk data

  • Engineer using laptop computer maintenance automatic robotic hand machine tool in automotive industry manufacturing factory