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Rotary tables for CMMs - adding an extra axis to your CMM


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Typically coordinate measurement is at its limits when inspecting parts which require multiple probe changes such as very small and complex internal gearing. Such parts as well as crankshafts, camshafts, screw compressors, turbine disks and blisks, can be measured quite straightforwardly and with confidence by using a rotary table. These rotary tables are available for use on several CMM models.

Precision rotary tables with mechanical bearings and an accuracy of ± 1-arc seconds aresuitable prepared for CMM application. The tabletop and base are precision machined / ground from stabilised cast iron with T slots in the platen top. High quality precision bearings are adjusted to eliminate all movement in both radial and axial directions and operate in a lightly preloaded condition.

Tables are available in the following sizes to suit your requirements:

  • Ø 300 mm
  • Ø 400 mm
  • Ø 500 mm
  • Ø 600 mm
  • Ø 700 mm
  • Ø 1000 mm
  • Ø 1200 mm

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