Quality Control Checklist

With Hexagon's app for quality control, you can maintain digital records throughout the inspection process using a tablet or smartphone.

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Offering a connected quality solution for key inspection points, the mobile Quality Control Checklist solution raises the bar with real-time access to critical data for better response times, corrective actions and quality improvement throughout the process.  

Manufacturers can increase the accuracy and timeliness of data collection with the Quality Control Checklist app.

Through alerts and notifications, quality managers are instantly notified of non-conformances, so they can review the details and drive corrective action back to the shop floor instantly.
Quality Control Checklist uses a smartphone or tablet to improve the process of quality assurance, quality control and inspections. Users can take photos for each inspection item, run tests, insert data and record defects that can be put into a digital checklist, replacing paper-based processes. The app can be integrated with existing quality management systems (QMS) and reporting applications. 

Connected quality for final checks 

Quality Control Checklist provides a flexible digital solution that not only increases the speed, accuracy and timeliness of manual quality inspection processes, but it makes this data available and actionable through the process, in real-time, allowing for improved shop-floor response times and corrective actions. 
  • Features & benefits
    • Eliminate paper, scanning and duplicate data entry 
    • Derive actions from inspection results automatically 
    • Immediately notify relevant personnel of defects 
    • Analyse root cause trends and key issues in real time 
    • Access granular data to minimise the cost of poor quality 
    • Standardise inspection methods across the quality team 
    • Generate instant internal and external feedback loops 
    • Automatically generate and assign punch-list items 
    • Collect objective photographic evidence of compliance 
    • Increase speed and accuracy of quality technicians’ work 
    • Reduce risk and exposure from warranty claims 

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