Absolute Tracker: Scale

The scale of metrology is getting larger every day

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Absolute Tracker: Scale

High-quality measurement is increasingly being demanded in parts of production that have traditionally bypassed the quality room because they’re quite simply too big to fit. Even with portable coordinate measuring machine technology, some parts and surfaces are just too large. The increased product quality such measurement could deliver has simply not been worth the time investment necessary to record usable results. But with the latest additions to our Absolute Tracker and Absolute Scanner product ranges, that is no longer the case. Laser tracker measurement now exists on a much larger scale than ever before.


 Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-XL

The Leica Absolute Scanner LAS-XL is the world’s first large-scale 3D laser scanner. Working on the same “flying dot” principle as the Leica Absolute Scanner LAS, the LAS-XL delivers massive productivity gains by allowing measurement from up to 1000 millimetres from the object surface, and with a scan line up to 600 millimetres wide. This means measurement process times are up to three times faster than with a normal 3D laser scanner, while metrology-grade accuracy is still assured to within 150 microns. These factors make the LAS-XL the perfect solution for large parts and surfaces with fewer detailed features that are still within easy reach of the operator, as well as for parts with deep cavities and other typically hard to reach areas.


 Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 i

The Leica Absolute Tracker ATS600 is a pioneering concept in the world of metrology equipment – the world’s first direct scanning laser tracker. Based on the ground-breaking technology of the Scanning Absolute Distance Meter, the ATS600 can locate a point in 3D space without the need for any sort of target at the point of measurement. With this function, it can digitally define a large surface from up to 60 metres away to within just 300 microns – an until now unheard-of level of accuracy for such a large-scale contactless measurement tool. And this comes alongside the ability to selectively scan just the relevant target measurement area – no need to process a full-dome scan before teasing out the data relating to your measurement object.

With our range of metrology systems that have been designed with the growing scale of metrology projects in mind, you can take high-end measurement into entirely new areas of manufacturing and assembly.