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PC-DMIS users with a Metrology Asset Manager Advanced subscription can browse and monitor the routine execution status for all the machines in their business at the same time, on a single display, in the ‘Routine Dashboard’ of Metrology Asset Manager. The view gives a visual summary of relevant statistics about measurement routines, such as Run History, Execution Time and Dimension Summary.

Metrology Asset Manager is a cloud-based subscription service, delivered through an online dashboard, which provides routine-specific and dimension-specific data for PC-DMIS users to browse and monitor the Routine status and execution conditions run on all CMMs.

The Routine Detail View enables users to drill down into a detailed view of a specific routine, including Process Information (Started / Completed / Paused / Cancelled / Error / Dimension Failed), Routine measurement results (Pass / Fail, Deviation and Out Of Tolerance) and Routine History (Run Date, Asset and Execution Time).

PC-DMIS users with Advanced subscriptions also receive instant event notifications about specific Routines (for Started / Completed / Paused / Cancelled / Error / Dimension Failed) on all assets. Events are logged for later analysis.

Do you have PC-DMIS and an active Advanced subscription? Try the Metrology Asset Manager Routine Dashboard now!

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