ALPHACAM release notes

ALPHACAM 2023.1 - What's new

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More customisabilty, more toolpath control, and real-time labels
The latest release of ALPHACAM features a wide range of updates and enhancements to shorten the time it takes to process and machine parts. From CAD tools and automation routines for processing assemblies and multi-body parts, to toolpath creation, nesting and machining, ALPHACAM 2023.1 increases customisation, improves usability, reduces clicks, and offers greater control over toolpaths and geometries for any manufacturing company looking to speed up their production process.
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  • Toolpath Creation and Machining
    With an improved Tool Library, preview within machine dialogs, updates to the Rapids Manager and Support Tags, and improvements to open pocketing, roughing, and finishing, the latest release offers users the best toolpath and machining capabilities on the market.
    ALPHACAM release notes 2023-1 tool library
  • +Label app
    We’ve integrated CABINET VISION’s on demand and real-time +Label app into ALPHACAM giving machine operators visual prompts as to which part in the nest to place the label. With touch screen ease of use and fully customisable label designs, this addition will save time and reduce errors.
    ALPHACAM release notes 2023-1 labels
  • Rapids Management
    The improved Rapids Manager now supports the creation of Cylindrical and Spherical rapids planes. Combined with a new command for inserting Managed Rapids operation for control rapids in specific parts of the machining sequence users can now have multiple different rapids management strategies within the same drawing.
    ALPHACAM release notes 2023-1 machining enhancements
  • Work Plane Management
    Version 2023.1 adds a new one click command called Simplify Work Planes that optimises all Work Planes in the currently opened drawing. It merges and removes all unnecessary Work Planes in addition to finding all that are on the same local Z plane and placing their contents on a single plane while deleting the rest.
  • Nesting
    The latest version improves on ALPHACAM’s industry leading nesting capabilities with the addition of the +Label app, the ability to specify an Inactivity Timeout, a new Join Saw Cuts command, and enhancements to loading Nest Lists and applying Support Tags.
    ALPHACAM release notes 2023-1 support tags
  • ...And much more
    Version 2023.1 includes even more enhancements that help customers streamline their CAM programming, including CAD improvements, new automation tools, enhancement to User Layers and much more.
    ALPHACAM release notes 2023-1 open pocketing