Nexus Connected Worker solutions

Nexus Connected Worker solutions are digital solutions for manufacturing, designed to facilitate smooth data integration, elevate cross-functional digital competencies, and empower real-time decision making. These solutions dismantle information barriers and transition conventional processes into digital workflows, ultimately driving OEE.

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Optimise your operations and improve productivity

Discover solutions enhancing resilience and sustainability by transforming complex data into actionable insights.

Nexus Connected Worker

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About Nexus Connected Worker

Hexagon’s solutions for connected workers digitally capture traditionally paper-based processes, providing real-time visibility, and ensuring shop-floor tasks are done fast, right, and safely.

What is Nexus Connected Worker?

Nexus Connected Worker solutions address manufacturing challenges. Offering user-specific mobile apps, operators gain efficient access to essential information, enhancing their performance and safety. Whether finding equipment, parts, tools, or instructions, these solution fosters a connected worker approach, boosting productivity across production, maintenance, and inspection operations.

Connected Worker solutions

Connected Worker Operations

Enhance productivity with Connected Worker Operations' digital workflows.

Connected Worker Maintenance

Optimise equipment usage with real-time data using Connected Worker Maintenance.

Connected Worker Quality

Standardise inspections, enhance yields, and reduce scrap with Connected Worker Quality workflows.

Connected Worker Audits

Optimise machinery and safety with Connected Worker Audits, featuring digital audits and precise visual guidance.