m&h LS-R-4.8 Radio laser scanner for machine tools

The wireless laser scanner that works automatically with a tool changer

A wireless laser scanner on a machine tool. In the foreground there is a screen which shows the item that has been scanned using metrology software.

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The m&h LS-R-4.8 is a wireless laser scanner for machine tools. Data is transmitted via radio to the machine control and measuring software, which is why the sensor can be changed in and out of the tool changer without any manual steps.

Accurate machine tool measurement typically involves capturing data for a limited number of points on a part. With a metrology-grade laser scanner integrated into the machine tool, users can quickly capture and analyse a complete, data-rich image of a part and act to address flaws while the part is still clamped. The results bring new levels of speed, precision and flexibility to machine tool inspection, while minimising the need for external measurement devices.

Equipped with a blue line laser, the m&h LS-R-4.8 quickly and precisely captures data equally well on shiny or dark surfaces. The design is optimised for the harsh environment in machine tools and the large field of view is ideal to capture all relevant areas of a clamped part.

In combination with the radio receiver m&h RC-R-100, the laser scanner can be used flexibly and is fully automated. In addition, other Hexagon sensors and machine tool probes can be integrated into the production process. 

Its intuitive, highly functional software is compatible with controls from Fanuc, Siemens and Heidenhain and supports measurements with up to 5 axes.
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  • Features & benefits
    Creation of clear colour maps 
    The m&h LS-R-4.8 system captures thousands of measurement points every second. It lets users visualise surface data in easy-to-use colour maps and compare results to the digital model of the part. 

    Measuring freeform surfaces
    Measuring freeform surfaces on the machine tool typically involves creating and analysing many single measurement points. With a laser scanner, users can quickly capture complete surface data and compare it to the CAD model.

    Exact alignment before reworking
    Having a full picture of the surface makes it easier to identify and errors that arise during manufacturing, such as incorrect clamping, and use precise alignment to address.

    Reverse engineering 
    Not all parts have 3D models. The m&h LS-R-4.8 creates them by scanning a part while it is on the machine tool, allowing the resulting data to be exported as an stl-file and integrated into a CAD-program.
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    Bringing together the best components
    The LS-R-4.8 system is optimised to deliver accurate measurement results quickly.

    The compact sensor was developed for harsh machine tool environments and is protected in line with the IP68 standard. Thanks to the radio transmission and its design, the sensor fits in the machine’s tool changer and can be changed in without manual intervention. 

    Radio receiver
    The radio receiver m&h RC-R-100 is the centre piece of Hexagon’s multi-sensor technology for machine tools. It receives measurement data from up to 8 probes and the m&h LS-R-4.8 laser scanner. The m&h RC-R-100  receives and processes data equally reliably whether users are collecting dimensional data, the temperature of the part or wall thickness.

    Tool holder
    Hexagon offers a wide range of standard and customised tool holders.

    The system’s software is intuitive in design and functionality and addresses the specific challenges of laser measurement on a machine tool and enables measurements when using up to five axes.

    All necessary cables and calibration artefacts are delivered as part of the system to ensure smooth operation from day one.
  • Technical data
     Parameters   LS-C-4.8
     Laser class  2 (EN /IEC 60825-1: 2014) 
     Laser type  PL450B (laser diode)
     Measurement accuracy*  30 µm
     Emitted wavelength (blue)  450 nm
     Laser type  CW Laser (Continuous Wave)
     Data transmission  Wireless
     Working distance and   depth (Z)
     (outer housing edge to   average working distance)
     115 ± 40 mm
     Line width  27,1 mm (minimum working distance)
     39,2 mm (average working distance)
     51,3 mm (maximum working distance)
     Data rate  30.000 to 36.000 Pt/sec
     Sensor’s insensitivity to   extraneous light  5.000 lx (diffused, indirect artificial light)
     Operating temperature  5 to 40 °C (41 to 104°F)
     Temperature range for   specified accuracy  15 to 40 °C (59 to 104°F)
     Storage temperature  -25 to +70 °C (-13 to +158°F)
     Weight  1900 g (without batteries)
     Power supply  4x 3.7V battery, 26650, Li-ion, 5000mAh
     Battery lifetime  10h
     Protection against dust   and water  IP68 (IEC 60529)

    *Depending on the application and installation situation
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