Leitz Reference CMM Line

Flexibility and high levels of accuracy combined

Leitz Reference CMM Line

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Leitz Reference coordinate measuring machines (CMM) can be adapted to a wide range of measurement applications without reducing their all-round capability, and the selection of different sensors makes them exceptionally flexible. From the ultra high accuracy Leitz Reference ULTRA to the extremely flexible Leitz Reference Xi, the Leitz Reference line offers the highest standards in flexibility and accuracy across a broad range of demanding measurement tasks.

Leitz Reference Xi

The Leitz Reference Xi series of high accuracy coordinate measuring machines (CMMs) from Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence are optimised for flexibility. Equipped with Hexagon’s sophisticated technology, the Leitz Reference Xi is a flexible all-round tool. Thanks to a large selection of different sensor systems and hardware options, the Leitz Reference Xi is optimised for adaptation to the most demanding of measurement tasks, even in shop floor environments up to 35° C.

Accuracy [µm] for size 15.9.7: E0 = 1,2 + L/350

Leitz Reference Xi

Leitz Reference HPLeitz Reference HP-M

With the ultra-high accurate Leitz Reference HP, measuring complex geometries with tight tolerances becomes a simple measurement task. By combining high-accuracy scanning and point probing capabilities with optimum throughput, Leitz Reference HP CMMs ensure fast, precise and cost-effective inspection of workpieces.

Accuracy [µm] for size 15.9.7: E0 = 0,9 + L/400

Leitz Reference HPLeitz_Reference_HP-M

Leitz Reference ULTRA

Leveraging the latest developments in Leitz technology, the Leitz Reference ULTRA addresses tighter part tolerances seen in the e-drive transmission and precision industries, resulting in next level sub-micron accuracy with best-in-class volumetric length measurement error.

Accuracy [µm] for size 15.9.7: E0 = 0,7 + L/400 µm

Leitz Reference ULTRA


  • Features & benefits

    Future Ready
    The Future Ready concept optimises the CMM for the SENMATION intelligent sensor automation system upgrade. The universal pre-cabling enables a simple integration process at any time, allowing for flexible application changes without costly downtime.

    CMM Status From A Distance
    The Status Messaging Lights provide an overview of your CMMs status so you can check machine status at a glance, even at a distance. This means the CMM can be left to measure, allowing you to optimise time and resource management.

    Rotary Tables
    As an integrated or on-top version, rotary tables up to a diameter of 600 mm and a maximum table load of 550 kg can be used for fast 4-axis scanning and component positioning.

    Temperature Sensor
    An optional exchangeable temperature sensor for the LSP-S2 Scan+ and the HP-S-X5 HD enables automatic part-temperature measurement at the workpiece (integrated in the measurement program).

    XT Option
    The XT option enables accurate and reliable measurement in the expanded temperature range of 15 °C to 30 °C (Reference HP) or 35°C (Reference Xi), which is indispensable in environments where temperature conditions are not controlled.

    Active Damping System
    The Leitz Reference Line can be equipped with an active pneumatic damping system to compensate disturbing ground vibrations in shop floor environments that can be caused for example by transportation vehicles or machining centres in the near environment. 

    Real-Time System Traceability
    PULSE enables the user to monitor and log any environmental conditions surrounding the CMM and receive real-time machine information.

  • Mechanical design


    High precision and dynamic
    A moving bridge with the patented TRICISION™ triangular profile provides optimum stiff-to-mass ratio for unquestioned precision and high machine dynamic.

    System Stability

    High system stability

    Monolithic granite base with integrated dovetail guide and preloaded air  bearings in all axes ensure high system stability.

    Optimal measuring performance
    Selected sizes of the Leitz Reference Line are equipped with a ceramic Z-ram to maximise robustness and stiffness. It is the ideal construction to achieve the optimal measuring  performance required by a wide range of applications.

    Outstanding reproducibility
    Outstanding reproducibility
    High-resolution steel scales and automatic temperature compensation offer highest reproducibility of measurement result and reduce the effect of temperature fluctuations on the measurement process.

  • Machine sizes
    Reference Xi

    Model X stroke [mm] Y stroke [mm] Z stroke [mm]
    5.4.3 500 400 300
    7.7.5 700 700 500
    10.7.6 1000 700 650
    12.9.7 1200 900 700
    15.9.7 1500 900 700
    20.9.7 2000 900 700
    15.12.10 1500 1200 970
    22.12.10 2200 1200 970
    30.12.10 3000 1200 970
    40.12.10 4000 1200 970
    30.15.10 3000 1500 1000
    26.15.14 2600 1500 1350
    33.15.14 3300 1500 1350

    Reference HP

    Model X stroke [mm] Y stroke [mm] Z stroke [mm]
    5.4.3 500 400 300
    7.7.5 700 700 580
    10.7.6 1000 700 500
    12.9.7 1200 900 700
    15.9.7 1500 900 700
    20.9.7 2000 900 700
    15.12.9 1500 1200 940
    22.12.9 2200 1200 940
    30.12.9 3000 1200 940
    40.12.9 4000 1200 940
    30.15.9 3000 1500 900

    Reference ULTRA

    Model X stroke [mm] Y stroke [mm] Z stroke [mm]
    10.7.6 1000 700 580
    15.9.7 1500 900 700
    22.12.9 2200 1200 940
  • Gear inspection

    Leitz Reference series coordinate measuring machines can also be used as gear measuring systems, enabling fast and ultra-precise inspection of any kind of gears and gear cutting tools.

    Measuring principle:  3-axes measurement, no rotary table required (available on request). 
                                                 Profile and flank scanning inspection with involute path control. Vertical or 
                                                 horizontal alignment of the gear possible.

    Evaluation standards:  DIN, ISO, AGMA, ANSI, JIS, CNOMO, CAT

    Available interfaces:     Gleason GAGE 4/WIN, Klingelnberg KIMOS, DMG Mori, Depo, GDE 2.7

    Module range:                  0.3 – 100 mm

    Machine accuracy:        Group 1 according to VDI/VDE 2612/2613, page 1 and 2

    Available QUINDOS software modules for gear inspection

    Gears Gear racks Worms Cutting tools


    herringbone gear

    gear gauges

    unknown gear

    straight bevel gear

    spiral bevel gear

    tapered pinions

    clutch gear

    curvic couplings

    hirth gear


    CAT gear



    cylindrical worm

    worm wheel

    globoid worm


    hob cutter incl.
    indexable insert

    shape cutter

    form cutter

    shaving gear


    gear offset


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  • Downloads
    Leitz Reference Line Brochure
    Application Report: Non-Contact Measurement of Gear Racks

LSP-S2/LSP-S2 Scan+

The LSP-S2 supports all the standard probing modes like Single Point Probing, Self-Centering as well as Continuous High-Speed-Scanning for fast and accurate form and profile measurements.


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