B-Probe plus

Ultra-portable, ultra-usable entry-level probing

B-Probe plus

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The B-Probeplus is a dedicated handheld probing tool designed for the Leica Absolute Tracker AT500. Able to gather hidden 3D points across a large measurement volume, the B-Probeplus is a completely wireless solution that makes probing measurement easy to perform and affordable.

Measurement feed-back B-Probe plus

The live display read-out integrated into the B-Probeplus head makes it easy to see when the tracker has the probe targeted and when a measurement has been completed, which is ideal for punching tasks.

B-Probe plus

The new B-Probeplus features redesigned, more durable buttons and an extended battery runtime of up to 6 hours, along with probing measurement accuracy specified in line with ISO 10360-10.

Extended range B-Probe plus

The wide +/-16° acceptance angle of the B-Probeplus makes every measurement easier to take than with the previous generation, particularly hidden points, as does the larger 24-metre-diameter measurement volume.

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Leica Absolute Tracker AT500

The Leica Absolute Tracker AT500 makes measurement simple without compromising on portability, productivity and resilience.

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