Job Hazard Analysis

Mobile apps for the full job hazard analysis workflow that illuminate reports and drive accountability, visibility and process adherence.

Construction workers evaluating potential job hazards on the job site and reporting the information into the job hazard analysis solution on their mobile tablet.

VECA Electric & Technologies' culture of continuous improvement

Lack of safety documentation made it difficult to comply with OSHA regulations or defend against litigation. 

Create a Safety Culture

Automate your job hazard analysis process to easily track missing forms and incomplete information. 


Job Hazard Analysis

Improve hazard analysis and drive process adherence with Hexagon's Job Hazard Analysis solution.

Key outcomes:

  • Increase OSHA compliance
  • Raise awareness of hazards
  • Reduce legal exposure
  • Improve safety records
  • Build employee trust
  • And more
Job Hazard solution interface being shown on two separate mobile devices.