Javelin Minimum System Requirements

  • The specification below details the requirements to run the latest Javelin System Release only. Any other applications using the same server will need to be taken into account in addition to the Javelin requirements. For all other Javelin version queries please Contact Nilesh.Gohil@hexagon.com, Our Installations Manager.
  • This minimum hardware specification does not imply any particular system performance level. For optimum performance we recommend maximising your hardware configuration.
  • A fully functioning network consisting of a server connected to one or more workstations with all network components being Windows domain networked.

Minimum Server Requirements

Operating System Hardware Network

Windows 2016 Server

Windows 2019 Server

Windows 2022 Server

At least 4 Cores 2.4 GHz Processors (8-12 Cores recommended)

Recommended minimum 32Gb on 64bit OS

Server disk speeds running at 10k or above recommended with Network Card operating at 1 Gig or higher

Network Card operating at 1 Gig or higher

Disc Space requirements:
Javelin Installation – 1Gb
Javelin Data – allow 1Gb per year

Server 2016 will only be supported on Javelin 2016r1 or above.

Network protocol TCP/IP

CAT 5 Cabling or above



Workstation Requirements

Operating System Hardware

Windows 10 - 64 bit only

Windows 11 - 64 bit only *(Please see NOTE:)

At least a 2GHz Processor Recommended minimum 4Gb RAM

Screen Resolution 1024 x 768
(19" or above monitor recommended)

Network Card operating at 1 Gig or higher



MS SQL licenses are required for running Javelin. Javelin 2023.1 is only currently supported to run on 2017 & 2019 server products, including Express, Workgroup, Standard and Enterprise (server + CAL, or processor licenses).

Please consult your IT hardware suppliers regarding the supply of MSSQL licenses and configuration for your server. For MS SQL minimum requirements please check the Microsoft website.

Please Note:

  • Jobshop versions prior to 2010r1 are not supported on Windows 7
  • Jobshop versions prior to 2010r2 are not supported on client PCs running 64bit Windows
  • Javelin versions prior to 2013r2 are not supported on Windows 8
  • Javelin versions prior to 2016r1 are not supported on Windows 10
  • Javelin 2019r1 or higher will only be supported on Exchequer v12.1 or higher.
  • If using the Exchequer software, it will remain the client’s responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient COMS licenses which can be obtained by your Exchequer supplier.
  • Internet access is required to the server and workstations to allow full Jobshop/Javelin support and for customers wishing to use Javelin Dashboards & Graphs.
  • Crystal reports not written by Planit Software are not covered by Planit Software Support.
  • Javelin email is only supported using 32bit MAPI client for Microsoft Outlook 2016 & 2019. Outlook (365) can only be supported if the users are using a local MAPI client. Not cloud based.
  • NOTE: For all technical queries regarding Javelin versions, Server/Network configuration, Virtualisation, compatibility… etc, please Contact Nilesh.Gohil@hexagon.com, Our Installations Manager.

Note: This specification is correct as or 20/03/23 and if Microsoft or Unipaas/XPA issues any service pack updates then this specification is subject to change.