Available for the UK market, JAVELIN is a flexible, scalable and intelligent production planning and control system offering advanced functionality and value in the key areas of manufacturing and assembly.

Flexible and scalable

Flexible and scalable

MRP and Production Control Software from JAVELIN provides intelligent and scalable solutions for your manufacturing needs.

Product capabilities

Features at a glance:

JAVELIN supports direct interfaces to the best of breed accounts packages, protecting investment in existing systems and can be easily integrated with new peripheral systems.

JAVELIN offers the following functionality :

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
    • This element of JAVELIN facilitates the key requirements of the increasingly important area of Customer and Prospect activity management.
  • Estimating and Quotations
    • JAVELIN’s Estimating and Quotations function enables fully costed estimates to be generated for new and/or repeat work, taking into account a number of variable elements such as batch size.
  • Sales Order Processing (SOP)
    • JAVELIN’s Sales Order Processing is ideal for both ‘make to order’ or ‘make to stock’ operations and covers everything from order entry through to picking, despatch and invoicing.
  • MRP
    • MRP is the secret of “Just in Time” (JIT) manufacturing, minimizing stock and work in progress.
  • Purchase Orders
    • JAVELIN Purchase Order Processing provides a comprehensive set of tools to ensure total control of purchasing functions within a manufacturing or assembly environment.
  • Works Orders
    • This core element of JAVELIN controls the progress of work through the manufacturing/assembly facility.
  • Scheduling
    • JAVELIN provides powerful ‘What if?’ finite and infinite integral scheduling capabilities. The same work load can be tested using varied scenarios and manufacturing rules and the results compared either graphically or in tabular form.
  • Shop Floor Data Capture (SFDC)
    • SFDC provides users with accurate Work-in-Progress and costing information, while simultaneously minimizing administrative input and clerical errors.
  • Materials Control
    • This key element within JAVELIN provides visibility of stored materials and components. It links to all transactions generated by other functions within JAVELIN (purchases, sales, WIP) facilitating full traceability for quality and costing purposes.
  • Costing
    • JAVELIN’s powerful suite of costing functionality provides users with a wide variety of options. These can be based on standard, actual or even forecasted costs.
  • Document Linking & Viewing
    • JAVELIN’s document linking and viewing system provides the facility to link any electronic file to virtually any element of the JAVELIN data, for example a CAD file to a part record, a release certificate to a GRN or a drawing to a purchase order.
  • JIMS - JAVELIN Information Management System
    • JAVELIN's Information Management System ensures you constantly have important manufacturing KPI information available at your fingertips.
  • Systems Management
    • JAVELIN is a highly effective manufacturing management application, developed to provide users with an efficient and easy-to-use Windows environment, which incorporates advanced facilities to quickly access database information.