Intergraph FreeView

Intergraph FreeView® is a free viewer to open Hexagon’s 3D models for display and navigation of projects.

Users of FreeView can walk through the plant and select any object in the view to see its associated plant properties (MDB2 file). Easy-to-use, on-screen motion controls allow even the most casual user to walk through complex 3D plants with no training. Industry-standard, gaming-style keyboard navigation is also simple to use and learn.


Intergraph FreeView allows users to display and navigate Intergraph Smart 3D models, view associated plant properties.


The free SVF and VUE file viewer has a complete set of mouse and navigation controls for easy use, allowing even the most casual user to walk through complex 3D models with no training.


Integrated enterprise interoperability.

New Release

Intergraph Smart Review is releasing its new highly anticipated 2020 version. This strengthens the Hexagon portfolio with integration into HxGN SDx

Interoperability Summary

Referencing and converting existing external data to and from multiple formats in engineering and construction projects.

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher

Intergraph Smart® Interop Publisher provides a single solution to handle various 3D model and data formats (graphics and object properties) for display and use in Hexagon applications.

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