Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher

Intergraph Smart Interop Publisher

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Intergraph Smart® Interop Publisher (INTP) provides a solution to handle various 3D model and data formats (graphics and object properties) for display and use in Intergraph Smart Review, Intergraph Smart 3D, SmartPlant® Foundation, and Intergraph Smart Construction.

INTP will simplify your project configuration by offering quick integration of multiple 3D models from sources like PDS®, PDMS, PlantSpace, MicroStation, AutoCAD, CADWorx®, CAESAR II®, SAT, IFC, XMpLant, i-model or Smart 3D sources.


Improved integration with Hexagon solutions to optimize interoperability with Smart 3D, Smart Construction and Smart Review on complex joint ventures, slower networks and firewalls.


Provides the ability to work with a wide range of datasets from Hexagon and non-Hexagon formats, such as PDMS and XMpLant.


New INTP MCAD add-on module optimizes performance in Smart 3D, Smart Construction and Smart Review; reads native mechanical CAD formats and provides automated simplification and defeaturing options.

Schedule File Distribution

Distribute project file sets individually or in batch mode. File sets can be distributed interactively or scheduled to occur at any interval.

Save Resources

Choose which database files are distributed. This helps save system resources by eliminating the distribution of unnecessary files.

Create Log Files

The log file contains debug messages listing the operations that were processed. Also included are the date and time that each action was performed, helping better track operations and when they occurred.

PGESCo, Egypt | Case Study

PGESCo’s digitazes plant information to meet strict project deadlines using Hexagon solutions.

Interoperability Summary

Referencing and converting existing external data to and from multiple formats in engineering and construction projects.

Intergraph Smart Review

Intergraph Smart Review is your problem-solving 3D visualization tool.

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