Explore HxGN SmartNet Global

Rooted in geomatics and a love of precision, HxGN SmartNet empowers reliable, high accuracy measurements for Leica Geosystems GS smart antenna users through globally available corrections services.  

Global correction services for your Leica Geosystems GS Smart Antennas  

Every GNSS rover needs a correction service for centimetre-level accuracy during real-time work. For Leica Geosystems GS smart antennas and receivers, the best choice is HxGN SmartNet Global. Exclusive to GS systems, SmartNet Global offers trustworthy correction services that are easily accessible and automatically enable the best possible accuracy everywhere. Integrated into your high-accuracy GS solution, SmartNet Global has you covered, everywhere.  

HxGN SmartNet Global Family 

The HxGN SmartNet Global family offers Network RTK with RTK bridging and Precise Point Positioning services that work exclusively with Leica Geosystems GS sensors, streamlining your total solution. With three subscription options to choose from, there is a SmartNet Global offering to meet your needs.  

  • HxGN SmartNet+ allows you to access 24/7 Network RTK correction services from more than 5,300 linked reference stations worldwide, along with RTK bridging services that fill RTK interruptions up to 10 minutes. Altogether, this subscription ensures you can continue with your work in the field despite temporary communication disruptions and be confident in the accuracy of the data you’ve acquired.  
  • HxGN SmartNet PPP provides a seamless positioning experience from a satellite or the internet. With horizontal and vertical accuracy at the centimetre-level and no dependence on RTK coverage, SmartNet PPP truly connects you to correction services anywhere in the world.
Our technology specification chart provides important technical and operational details for the three technologies that comprise HxGN SmartNet Global.