A modular, cloud- and web-based, data-centric SaaS Asset Lifecycle Information Management (ALIM) solution.

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HxGN SDx is a modular, cloud- and web-based, data-centric ALIM solution, available on-premise and SaaS, that reduces project costs and the wasted time and risks traditionally stemming from insufficient project collaboration.

In addition, HxGN SDx creates a reliable digital twin, fully compliant with the international Capital Facilities Information Handover Specification (CFIHOS) standard and intelligently connected to project work processes. This twin and its wealth of data are leveraged to improve project execution efficiency and ongoing operations, optimise profitability, mitigate risks and elevate safety throughout the entire facility lifecycle.

With projects and operations working in the same platform, there's no reason for handover to be difficult and complex. Simply ‘flip the switch’ to give operations access to the completed project’s data.

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Digital Twin: Empowering better Decision-making from more Intelligent Data

Learn how to use HxGN SDx to build and maintain a digital twin ecosystem throughout the asset lifecycle for optimised situation awareness and a continuous journey to operational excellence.


HxGN SDx-One Solution for the Lifecycle

Engineering firms and owners and operators are now challenged with managing increasingly complex projects with limited resources and under immense pressure to deliver within schedule and budget.

HxGN SDx is a web-based, data-centric solution addressing these evolving challenges by reducing the costs, risks and wasted time associated with inferior project collaboration.


HxGN SDx–Deepwater Subsea's Digital Twin

Learn how Deepwater Subsea evaluates asset condition and performance with predictive maintenance and analytics to reduce unplanned downtime while improving reliability.  

Salah satu bidang fokus utama bagi siapa saja yang ingin mendigitalisasi manajemen dokumen dan data perekayasaan adalah berfokus untuk memiliki alat bantu yang tepat dengan pengaturan yang tepat. Pastikan Anda memiliki perangkat keras yang tepat untuk perangkat lunak ini dan berinvestasilah dalam alat bantu yang memungkinkan fungsionalitas kolaborasi di berbagai departemen.”
Phil Woodall
Nynas Swedia
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