HxGN AgrOn Harvest Planning: System that plans and optimises the harvest schedule

System that plans and optimises the harvest schedule.

Harvest Planning

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Optimises the harvest planning by taking into account variables like constraints and logistics for the harvest.

What is harvest planning?

It is the elaboration of an optimised harvest planning, defining the ideal period for cutting the areas according to types, operational, and logistical criteria and restrictions. It is necessary to have a harvest plan according to the needs of each company, considering: estimated production by area; maturation curves; geographic distribution; field sampling; laboratory curves; weather forecasts; harvesting strategies, and even industry demand. Plan as needed, always based on data true to the reality of the field.

What are the benefits of harvest planning?

From an optimised plan, it is possible to know when the cutting and transport of each production unit will be carried out. AgrOn Planning Harvest is a solution that gives managers total control over the weekly monitoring and execution of the harvest, from the beginning to the end of the annual harvest. Being close to each stage, monitoring the results with the possibility of reprogramming and adjusting the operation, maximises the productive capacity of the field. The planning also brings agility in the simulation of different scenarios, giving the possibility of analyzing actions for each hypothesis.

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HxGN AgrOn Harvest Planning benefits: 

  • Maximisation of productivity
  • Monthly production projection
  • Maximises the production of sugarcane
  • Generates optimised harvest schedule
  • Agility in simulation of different scenarios
  • Optimisation of production return
  • Harvest operational scheduling (monthly / weekly / daily)
  • Conflict analysis and identifies process bottlenecks
  • Monitoring of the operations and programming previously planned
  • Evaluates the established constraint costs

Learn more about this product:

  • Defines the ideal harvesting period for all production areas for the entire year
  • Maximises the production and total quality of raw material harvested in the field
  • Synchronises logistics - taking into account the operational capacity
  • Ability to compare scenarios with the generation of different harvest strategies
  • Evaluates the costs, bottlenecks and impacts of constraints
  • Allows monitoring and reprogramming throughout the year

Watch the vídeo and learn more about this product:

  • AgrOn Harvest Planning | Logistics Synch

    Learn more about the add-on module:

    • Synchronises the movement of cutting fronts, reduces the total distance moved
    • Ensures the fleet stays within parameters for transporting raw material from the field to the industry
  • HxGN AgrOn Harvest Planning | Straw Management

    Learn more about the add-on module:

    • Defines the ideal amount of sugarcane straw to be kept in the field after cutting an area
    • Based on models calibrated regionally by studies prepared by Esalq/USP University in Brazil

HxGN AgrOn Harvest Planning

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HxGN AgrOn Transport Optimisation

Synchronised system for transport and cutting operations in the field.

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