HP-L-10.10 LITE laser scanning sensor

Efficient measurement and higher throughput – enter the world of laser scanning

Efficient measurement and faster throughput – enter the world of laser scanning

Need to capture more data in less time?

Affordable 3D laser scanning digitises part surfaces with millions of accurate data points.

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The cost-effective HP-L-10.10 LITE laser scanner makes it easy to add the measurement speed and coverage of laser scanning to new and existing CMMs.

The scanner is ideal if you’re looking to affordably add point-cloud measurement to your metrology toolkit to increase your measurement efficiency and throughput. The HP-L-10.10 LITE captures entire surfaces in a fraction of the time compared to measuring many points or lines with traditional tactile probing.

The HP-L-10.10 LITE is built upon Hexagon’s latest cross-platform laser line scanning technology, using the unique SHINE technology, which allows the accurate measurement of a wide variety of surfaces, including those with difficult matt or highly reflective finishes.

Equipped with the scanner, a CMM becomes a multisensor machine that can handle most measurement tasks by combining traditional tactile probing with optical measurements for quick freeform surface capture and feature measurement in a single part program.

The HP-L-10.10 LITE is a cost-effective option that allows manufacturers to balance accuracy requirements with the demand to achieve higher throughput.

For complex applications where individual features need to be part of the measurement routine, where the highest accuracy is required, or where even more speed is necessary – for example, on very large parts – the scanner’s top-end sibling, the HP-L-10.10, offers the ultimate set of capabilities.


Typical applications

HP-L-10.10 LITE laser scanning sensor

Features and benefits

Fast point cloud creation
2000 points per scan line with a measurement frequency of 120 Hz means capturing up to 240 000 points per second.

Accurate point cloud data acquisition
High-density point clouds with a probing form error of 14 microns – strong performance for laser scanning on a CMM.

(Systematic High-Intelligence Noise Elimination) technology makes it possible to quickly and accurately scan almost any part surface or finish.

TKJ interface for seamless sensor exchanges
Hexagon’s standard sensor interface turns a CMM into a multisensor device.

Warm-up interface reduces set-up times
Heating the sensor inside the rack means the sensor is always ready to work.

Radial fan for optimised heat management
Proven mechanical design and built-in sensors ensure the highest thermal stability for durable performance and reliable results.

HP-L-10.10 LITE laser scanning sensor for rapid measurements on CMMs

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