FATool Tool Management

Studies conducted by various institutions and universities have underscored the fact that the consistent use of a central operational resource management solution, with the aim of systematically organising all operational resources, has the potential of reducing the diversity of tool and production supply genres by up to 30%.

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All your tool data in one place

FATool offers an intelligent tool and operational resource management solution.

Product capabilities

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Central, uniform organisation of data for all levels of manufacturing
  • Reduction of set-up and provision costs
  • Reduction in the diversity of tool types and genres of production resources by up to 20%
  • Minimisation of the stock on hand and circulating inventories by up to 10%
  • Reduction of non-productive time (searching and finding) by approx. 15%
  • Optimisation of the set-up processes = boost of machine utilisation by up to 5%
  • Process security and transparency
  • Return on investment will be attained as early as 1–2 years after roll-out.

Linking the central administration and presetting with a production client as the front end will result in the integration of the machine(s) and the creation of transparency, beginning with work preparation and continuing all the way down to the machine.

Join those who have already seized this potential to safeguard crucial competitive advantages for your business!