FATool 2D/3D Operational Resource Management

In addition to tools, organise all operational and production resources in a single central database. FATool quickly provides all of the up-to-date information required by the different sources of demand on all corporate levels.

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Analysis and visualisations available at any time

Programming, work order preparation, production control, supervisors and staff all use FATool to do their work effectively.

Product capabilities


The fundamentals defined therein have been expanded with all required functions that make the convenient administration of operational resources possible. For instance, an integrated parts list processor enables users to link the different types of data (e.g. NC programs and tool assemblies) with each other. FATool supports the administration of all kinds of documents and graphics, depicts DXF, STL, JPG, etc., directly and integrates viewers or other applications if necessary.

FATool provides comprehensive support for the client-related organisation of all master data. Tool assemblies, tool components and the required small parts are administrated in the same manner as fixtures/clamping devices and their components, testing and measuring resources, as well as all other operational or production resources.

Moreover, FATool is a highly flexible solution that can be randomly configured by the user. The initial configuration and the required changes to or expansions of the configuration are conducted while the operation is running – with the assistance of the FAConfig configuration module. As a result, the consistent, problem-free growth of the overall system is ensured.

Organise data quickly and securely with FATool!