Execution & Traceability

Execution and Traceability uses a combination of applications and reports that light up real-time production data by giving simple data collection methods to workforces, collecting machine data automatically and converging that data to provide the best possible capture and analysis of production data to optimise velocity, planning and quality.

Monitor Digital Processes in Real-Time

Know if production is winning or losing at any given time

We're excited to announce that Hexagon Xalt Solutions is now Nexus Connected Worker!

Nexus Connected Worker solutions are designed to break down information silos and transform manual processes into efficient digital workflows, ensuring manufacturing excellence and efficiency.

Execution and Traceability enables the convergence of varying data sources including IT systems, human, machine and sensor data sources.

Workflow and data validation ensure that personnel adhere to standards and leaders are equipped to make smarter decisions, faster.

  • Empower your workforce and control your value stream by removing obstacles
  • Accurately monitor performance, quality and availability to precisely measure overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)
  • Gain deep insights into the data required to inform the right people
  • See performance at every level of the business to gain visibility you need to drive continuous improvement



"The secret sauce is process adherence, where we've forced new paradigms of culture and accountability in a very mindful & organized way to create an autonomous environment. This decentralizes our data, allowing everyone to know what is going on."