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HxGN EAM Digital Work

Maximize field worker productivity with a powerful mobile platform that streamlines work execution and improves data capture through an intuitive work experience.

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HxGN EAM Digital Work is a powerful mobile platform that puts work management, inspection management, digital checklist capabilities and asset registry information directly into the hands of your field workers. With this innovative solution, your team can access, capture and manage information directly from the job site, enabling them to work with greater speed and efficiency.

Digital Work is a self-service mobility architecture that offers the flexibility to customize the mobile experience to meet the specific needs of different departments and functional teams across your organization. This means that you can tailor the user interface to match the required work at hand, which will improve the capture of data in real-time, increase the accuracy of the information collected, and boost efficiency across work execution, asset management, and supply chain processes.

With direct access to key information such as asset attributes and maintenance requirements, field workers can increase the quality and timeliness of activities. This, in turn, improves data integrity, maximizes productivity, and drives more accurate and timely decisions.

In today's fast-paced business environment, your team needs to be able to get work done from anywhere. HxGN EAM Digital Work makes this possible, providing a powerful mobile platform that empowers your field workers to work smarter, not harder.

Streamline work

to reduce and optimize operational efficiency

Ensure accuracy of data

and work using real-time data capture

Configure an intuitive
work experience

that requires little to no training

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