Automated on-track measurement of wheelsets for the rail industry

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CALIPRI X is an automated, permanently installed on-track wheelset measurement system for the rail industry. It eliminates time-consuming and costly manual measurement, delivering precise results in seconds, immediately identifying out-of-tolerance areas.

An accurate understanding of wheel wear condition allows you to move from interval-based to condition-based maintenance – and ultimately true predictive maintenance – enabling better resource planning and significant cost savings. The non-contact optical laser system measures all wheelset parameters according to the European standard EN 15313 – including wheel profile, diameter, back-to-back distance, equivalent conicity, camber and wheel toe.

In combination with the cloud storage and analysis tool CALIPRI Predictor, measurements are automatically and instantly stored in the cloud, saving the time and effort of your maintenance team. Together, CALIPRI X and the analytics of CALIPRI Predictor will enable you to safely operate your rolling stock with longer, more predictable maintenance intervals, less downtime and reduced lifecycle costs.

The solution ensures full traceability and allows secure 24/7 access to results and analytics for fleet technicians, workshop owners, maintenance workers and other company personnel, wherever they are located worldwide.

Measurement with CALIPRI X couldn’t be easier: a train only needs to drive slowly over a sensor unit where laser and camera modules automatically measure and record the profile of the wheels. The system is easily installed on existing tracks where trains frequently run – in front of depots, workshops, washing facilities or in sidings. This allows frequent measurements to be made without extra effort or costs. The result is that you always know the current condition of your fleet.

Together, CALIPRI X and CALIPRI Predictor offer an integrated solution that delivers unrivalled productivity gains and operational cost savings when maintaining your rolling stock over its lifecycle.
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Features and benefits

Automated measurement of all wheelsets
Effortless labour- and cost-saving measurement of all wheelset parameters.

Proven CALIPRI non-contact optical laser scanning and profiling technology
Highly accurate and reliable results every time.

Quick measurement results
Know the most important variables in seconds and immediately identify out-of-tolerance areas.

Automated data transfer to the cloud with CALIPRI Predictor
Results are available from anywhere on any device, providing full traceability.

Smart trend analysis of wheel wear
CALIPRI Predictor allows you to plan maintenance based on the as-is and predicted condition of wheelsets to benefit from extended maintenance intervals and reduced fleet lifecycle costs.

Rugged design for 24/7 all-season operation
Low maintenance system ensures measurement results are available year-round, long term.

Temperature control and compensation
Accurate measurement in all weather conditions and all seasons.

Remote system diagnostics and support
Confidence and peace of mind with quick technical support when you need it.

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