Adams Real Time

Perform software-in-loop (SIL), hardware-in-loop (HIL) and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) co-simulations with Adams for reduced prototyping.

Validate products in real time without prototypes

Validate products in real time without prototypes

Adams RT integrates high-fidelity multi-body dynamics (MBD) models with hardware and control software (XIL) flawlessly.

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Minimal effort to model, simulate and refine systems
Adams RT utilizes pre-existing Adams MBD models directly in real time set up (XIL) and reduces model development time from several weeks to a few hours. Its true parametric modelling approach enables engineers to tune the mechanical system models on the spot (try out and test multiple design configurations in minutes).

Adams RT with VI grade Simulator

Make more informed decisions without physical prototypes
Prevent challenges around system integration and design uncertainties at a stage when you have undetermined layouts and no physical prototypes (i.e., decide between multiple steering and suspension system configurations). Save on time and cost required to build prototypes.

Real Time, Without Prototypes

Comprehensive multi-fidelity modelling
Model multiple fidelities (rigid body, flexible bodies) in one place, consider physical interactions during design and feasibility studies, and understand a complex system’s functional behavior.

First Class Capabilities

Computationally accurate and efficient
Adams RT uses the same most trusted Adams solver. It confidently captures life-like high frequency response of critical components with ease and lets the designer experience the real-world feel of driving a vehicle or operating a machine.

Adams RT has been tried and tested on industry leading hardware and certified for seamless integration.

Connections via FMU
100% compliant with FMI, to connect to other software packages and to physical hardware to reduce the need for complete physical prototypes during testing.

Seamless Compatibility

"The HIL dyno testing process has helped Ford meet its test objectives with fewer physical prototypes and in a lab environment that facilitates the tuning process."
Tony Ge
Technical Expert
“We now use Adams to investigate advanced characteristics of a multitude of vehicle configurations and situations, to deliver more robust designs that account for real world conditions. In addition to saving us time, using Adams has given us a higher degree of reliability and confidence in our design.”
Muhammad Sannah
Sr. Chief Engineer
“…These capabilities provide a more realistic experience of the vehicle feel compared to simplified or reduced order models, and with the added benefit of quicker, direct modifications on the simulator.” 
Guido Tosolin
Senior Manager Vehicle Dynamics
Applus+ IDIADA