Our strategic advantage: The Smart Digital Reality™

The most dynamic and powerful use of data in history

Our core competencies add up to perhaps the most dynamic and powerful use of data in history: The Smart Digital Reality. A smart digital reality is increasingly autonomous, with the ability to make unaided decisions and become smarter over time – our vision for empowering an autonomous, sustainable future. 

Smart Digital Realities introduce autonomy, creating the power to understand what was and what is, and to see what could be, what should be and what will be. They are more than mirror images of the physical world or simulated testing playgrounds — they are living re-creations of reality, the ultimate form of data leverage and the foundation for the autonomous future.

This is our strategic advantage and the greatest source of value for our customers.

The Smart Digital Reality defined:

Two worlds, ONE reality

We enable the ultimate form of feedback loop, where lines between the physical and digital worlds blur into one, providing certainty of complete line-of-sight to ever-changing situations.

We’ve reimagined the notion of feedback loops. No longer can we think in terms of the physical and digital worlds as two separate things. Only when all data is available, live and in context – in one place – can we provide customers with the certainty of complete line-of-sight to ever-changing situations.

Beyond the digital twin

By bringing autonomy to the digital twin we transform its function and utility far beyond a single source of truth. Using technologies like machine learning and AI, we can create systems to reduce, or even eliminate, human intervention. This is when data does its greatest work, operating in ways that go far beyond what was ever possible.

Smart workflows

No matter the business or industry, it’s all about workflows. If they don’t meet up to their potential, productivity, quality and profit suffer. Here’s where Hexagon distances itself from the pack. With our unique mix of sensor hardware and solution-specific software under one roof, we can create sensor-software systems that integrate the right data in the right place at the right time to bring speed and agility to any workflow.