How Hexagon creates value for the heavy construction for infrastructure industry

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Hexagon enables efficiency on your construction site

Offering a wide range of technologies and brands, Hexagon combines industry-leading construction solutions so that projects can be completed faster, simpler and safer.

To create a plan and detailed scope of work, current site conditions first need to be determined for future above-ground and in-ground infrastructure. The activities and decisions you make in the first phase will determine the success and feasibility of your construction plan and influence the entire life of the project.

Pre-construction deliverables have a strong impact on costs, time, and complexity of the downstream construction activities. To create a complete, virtual model and plan of your project, you need survey-grade accuracy and non-proprietary file formats to collaborate and exchange the right information between different CAD and BIM systems.

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From pre-bid walkthroughs through project completion, you rely on intuitive software solutions to submit professional bids and turn your plan into action in the field.

We help you create fast and accurate quantity takeoffs, use drone data to validate and track progress and create machine control models for all manufacturers with speed and simplicity. Our advanced visualisation options, data exports and mobile apps help you find the best approach to ensure you’ve optimised the entire construction process. 

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Careful site preparation and mobilisation of your assets must be carried out before any major construction project. The process of site preparation is unique to each project, and entails a number of decisions from site evaluation to preparing the machines, from underground utility detection to setting up GNSS corrections and the effective mobilisation of your team and resources.

The success of these tasks depends on assured integrity of site information, design data, accurate positioning, location data and streamlined communication. 

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As powerful machines shape the landscape, the benefits of careful planning, preparation and mobilisation will come into play. Material will be moved at the right time, at the right place and in the right amounts.

At this stage, your entire workforce will utilise technology. Interfaces need to be easy to use, workflows need to be easy to adopt and data needs to flow seamlessly.

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Structures last longer when they’re well-built and well taken care of. Heavy construction projects need to be regularly monitored to ensure operational safety. Regular monitoring also enables effective management of project progress and allows for the assessment of any potential impacts on the environment.

Long-term monitoring ensures the stability of existing structures. This maintenance looks at the impacts of ageing, as well as the potential effects coming from nearby construction activity, seismic activity and other natural hazards.

A proactive maintenance strategy with routine and preventive maintenance schedules will also help extend the lifespan of assets by ensuring servicing is done when due.

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Successful heavy construction projects

Digital reality management is becoming a core capability for success and it is increasingly used in construction. At the heart of it are technology-enabled workflows that impact how people and resources interact to get the job done better, safer and more sustainably.

• Integrated design provides models to plan work, quantities, resources and time and ensure safety.

• Data comes from many sources, but with the right digital solution you can control all aspects of your project.

• Site preparation requires broad skills to be done safely and appropriately.

• Digital technologies like machine control and cloud-based collaboration tools increase productivity, save time and boost efficiency

• A proactive maintenance strategy will extend the lifespan of infrastructure.

Each project is unique and requires customised, flexible, easy-to-install solutions that are seamless to integrate.

Our solutions meet these needs, empowering people and assets to be smarter, safer and more productive. 

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