Key stakeholders of the healthcare and life sciences industry

A doctor using a tablet to access medical data

Hexagon’s technology enables new, life-changing products and therapies

Developing products for the healthcare and life sciences industry is a complex process and often involves significant economic risks. Being able to anticipate problems early in the design stage and validate effectiveness and safety in virtual systems before production can minimise potential threats. 

Hexagon’s portfolio of smart manufacturing solutions enables manufacturers to leverage data in virtual and real environments as well as to optimise and enrich models digitally. As a result, manufacturers can reduce exposure to risk while accelerating product innovation in healthcare and life sciences. 
R&D managers are key to new product development and vital to business success in healthcare and life sciences. They are data-focused, and it is critical that they can record and distribute data across departments to identify where improvements can be made in the R&D process while promoting innovation. 

Hexagon is a leader in digital transformation, utilising advanced technologies such as CAE capabilities, artificial intelligence and augmented reality to accelerate innovation and reduce time-to-market. We put data to work, optimising and securing captured data to deliver greater insight for the testing of new designs, bringing value for healthcare and life science R&D managers. 

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