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Automated progress and efficiency metrics for plant construction

Discover how Xalt provides HxGN Jovix Web a simplified interface for material coordinators, workface planners and more.

Hexagon Solution: HxGN Jovix Web

Challenge: Tracking and auditing materials throughout the fabrication and construction lifecycle, from procurement to final installation.

Technology Impact: Xalt empowers HxGN Jovix Web with integration capabilities to a broad range of data sources across Hexagon's offerings, third-party proprietary interfaces and industries. Existing infrastructure can be leveraged with minimum impact, while data is automatically refreshed with higher fidelity and frequency.

Result: HxGN Jovix Web users can view constantly fresh data feeding the performance reporting metrics. Xalt integration capabilities enable automated access to data via reporting dashboards, measuring the progress and efficiency of the construction process.

Jovix is purpose-built for the construction industry. It's easily integrated with client ERP systems, AWP systems and project scheduling tools (like Oracle’s Primavera P6) to provide a single source of material-readiness truth. The latest Jovix enhancements provide users even easier access to project information. Planners, field engineers, superintendents and materials management staff use Jovix Web for up-to-the-minute information about engineering work packages, construction work areas and IWPs.


Xalt is Hexagon’s technology platform that enables Hexagon’s solutions to work seamlessly together, leveraging all relevant data and delivering mission-critical intelligence at scale. It provides HxGN Jovix Web with additional interface capabilities to connect multiple systems (like Power BI), databases and machines with a highly configurable, no-code business rules engine to solve enterprise-level integration challenges. Its WYSIWYG interface enables real-time debugging and error-tracing. Xalt extends the real-time material status changes and audit history in HxGN Jovix Web, integrating seamlessly with customer reporting solutions.

"Xalt helps our customers bring the information and insights gained through Jovix Web to any of their existing ecosystems. Using the Xalt integration has eliminated the need for manual processes, allowing us to extend the reach of Jovix Web and meet our clients' demands. The combination of Xalt and Jovix Web gives us the power to interface with a range of protocols and automate data extraction and generation."

Jerry Robbins
Solution Architect
Hexagon ALI


Xalt scales and accelerates innovation through applied artificial intelligence, Internet of Things-empowered Hexagon sensors, enterprise-ready applications, mobile apps and data integrations across systems and solutions. It enables seamless connectivity anywhere in the network, across digital and physical boundaries, including at the edge. By empowering Hexagon’s solutions to do more, Xalt is helping to future-proof customers’ technology – accelerating Hexagon’s mission to empower an autonomous, sustainable future.

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