Hexagon launches HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager to streamline mining block modeling and data management

11 April 2023

Tucson, AZ

Hexagon, a global leader in mining technology, has unveiled HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager, a groundbreaking solution that aims to transform how mining companies manage block models. This innovative solution enables users to simultaneously design, populate, manage, and effectively share block models while centrally managing the massive amount of sample points, variables, and outputs associated with orebody data.

A critical component of the mining operations process, block models are a digital representation of the geological and mineralogical features of an ore deposit, allowing mining companies to plan, design and optimize operations. Geologists and mining engineers utilize Hexagon’s MinePlan geosciences and engineering software to populate block model attributes and value, including geology descriptions, grade estimates, cost, data, and schedule information. As technology advancements continue to produce a constant stream of raw resources data from the field, a major challenge with orebody modeling is the direct correlation between data and file size. Effective management is needed to maintain high levels of model accuracy that reflect the unique complexities of each mine and extract valuable insights for effective decision-making.

MinePlan Block Model Manager addresses these challenges while allowing multiple users to collaborate on the same project and share their progress seamlessly while maintaining version integrity and tracking edit history. With this new solution, mining companies can streamline their workflows and improve data interpretation, leading to smart decisions and operational efficiencies.

"The HxGN MinePlan Block Model Manager is a game-changer for the mining industry, empowering users with the ability to manage massive amounts of data and streamline workflows like never before," said Susan Brandt, Vice President of MinePlan at Hexagon’s Mining division. "This truly innovative solution represents a significant win for our clients, as it simplifies the block modeling process and enables greater collaboration and data interoperability. By setting the stage for a unified technology platform, the Block Model Manager will transform the way mining organisations operate and have a profound impact on our users’ productivity, profitability, and overall success."

One of the key benefits of the MinePlan Block Model Manager is the ability for project stakeholders to visualise changes to the model as it progresses through the hands of technical experts. This enhances auditability and information quality, culminating in improved reporting. The block model solution streamlines the data transfer workflow, loading large models faster, improving productivity by reducing time spent from sample point to decision, accelerating the modeling process.

The new Block Model Manager Application Programming Interface (API) automates integration with other systems, enabling data interoperability into downstream mine design and scheduling workflows, removing the need to manually import or export the block model. This is the critical first step towards enabling mining organisations to have a smart platform from one technology partner for software, hardware, and analytics with one consistent experience for implementation, services, and support.

"The MinePlan Block Model Manager is just the beginning of what we hope will be a transformational journey for the mining industry and resource governance overall," said Brandt.

To learn more about MinePlan and the Block Model Manager, click here.

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