IDS GeoRadar announces IBIS-FM EVO C

1 December 2022

PISA, (Italy), 1 December 2022 — IDS GeoRadar, part of Hexagon, today announces the release of IBIS-FM EVO C, an interferometric radar for long-range structural and slope monitoring offering the highest transportability. IBIS-FM EVO C is the latest solution designed for easy deployment that allows a greater installation flexibility together with the highest monitoring performance thanks to its new compact power supply module.

Thanks to the compact size and lightweight of the power supply module (less than 30kg), this InSAR radar can be easily installed and relocated providing the maximum deployment freedom. This new compact configuration is the ideal solution for installation in limited space environments as it allows a greater freedom of placement and the highest efficiency in structural monitoring.

With a maximum scan range of up to five kilometers, IBIS-FM EVO C is designed to measure submillimeter displacements in real time with the highest data quality. It is equipped with a powerful radar sensor, combined with the new free-running acquisition technique (patent pending), to significantly improve the quality and reliability of the acquired data enabling better-informed decisions.

IBIS-FM EVO C is designed to optimize power supply even in the most challenging conditions. Besides the lightweight power supply module, the optional battery pack can extend the system’s autonomy from 2h to 24h, ensuring the highest radar monitoring performance in demanding structural analysis.

“IBIS-FM EVO C is a turn-key solution to verify efficiently the condition of structures on regular-basis inspections with non-destructive test methods.” says Francesco Boscagli, Application Engineer Monitoring Radar at IDS GeoRadar. “Professionals performing both structural and slope monitoring can benefit from a more flexible solution able to operate in limited space environments and are supported in their tasks by an easy to deploy radar system that enables a higher efficiency in radar data acquisition”.

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