HxGN SmartNet expands coverage to Morocco

4 June 2021

SmartNet network is constantly being developed and coverage expanded to new areas. In May 2021, we added a new country to our SmartNet family, Morocco. Our services are already available in North America, several European countries, Russia, Australia, Singapore. 

SmartNet is a GNSS correction service built on the world's largest reference station network, enabling GNSS devices to determine precise positions down to the centimetre quickly. More than 5,300 reference stations ensure position accuracy in a wide variety of applications, such as surveying, engineering, construction, agriculture, machine control, utility surveys, archaeology, monitoring and more. 

Service in your own language
SmartNet is supported by a professional team of experts with decades of experience. Now, also a local team can support users in Morocco directly.

Continuous availability
SmartNet is provided 24/7 by state-of-the-art infrastructure and a professional support team with experience reliably delivering the service. 

Precise positioning to any GNSS device 
SmartNet is an open-standard correction service that can be used with any GNSS device. The network is constantly monitored for integrity, availability and accuracy. 

HxGN Smartnet – Precision you can count on. 
For more information about SmartNet in Morocco, please visit https://hxgnsmartnet.com/fr-ma 

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