Hexagon Acquires MDE Network, SRL, Distributor of j5 Operations Management Solutions in Argentina

14 September 2020

Hexagon’s PPM division, the leading global provider of engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities, has acquired MDE Network, SRL, an Argentinian provider of solutions for operations management and optimization.

The MDE Network acquisition expands Hexagon’s direct presence in South America. Hexagon adds an experienced team of professionals who have the knowledge and expertise to capitalize on j5 Operations Management Solutions opportunities in the region. Hexagon will be able to help industrial plants in South America implement solutions to optimize operations management activities using Hexagon’s broad portfolio of products.

MDE Network, headquartered in Buenos Aires, offers innovative solutions that enhance knowledge of the processes for better decision-making, from the operator to a company’s board of directors. It delivers implementation and consulting solutions and services with high quality standards for the improvement of efficiency in the management of industrial operations, based on the concept of Situational Awareness.

MDE Network previously established j5 Operations Management Solutions from Hexagon as a core system for one of Argentina’s most important oil & gas companies. Hexagon intends to combine knowledge from Alas Ingeniería – which it acquired in January 2020 – with the expertise of MDE Network to consolidate its leadership position in the Argentina by expanding its reach in Operations Management.

“MDE is already present in the largest oil & gas companies in Argentina, so besides consolidating Hexagon’s presence in the country, this acquisition accelerates our growing presence in the Operations & Maintenance space among the biggest owner operators in South America, in different industries,” said Fabio Yada, Senior Vice President of Hexagon’s PPM division, South America. “The combination of Hexagon’s Operations Management solutions and MDE’s team knowledge will be a differentiator.”

“MDE Network has combined IT knowledge and more than 30 years of experience in industrial automation. For almost a decade, we have provided solutions for improving efficiency of industrial process operations,” said Andrés Szlufik, Managing Partner, MDE Network. “This acquisition is a full recognition of our work, reflected in the trust and loyalty of our clients, and opens up an immense growth potential due to the regional and global resources that a first-class technology provider like Hexagon brings to our market.”

MDE Network is fully consolidated as of September 9. The acquisition has no significant impact on the results of Hexagon.

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