Hexagon Releases Major Upgrades for Intergraph Smart® Isometrics and Intergraph Spoolgen® Solutions

20 August 2019

20 August 2019

Hexagon PPM, the leading global provider of engineering software for the design, construction and operation of plants, ships and offshore facilities, announces the release of two key solutions that enable the digital transformation of pipe fabrication: Intergraph Spoolgen® 2019 and Intergraph Smart® Isometrics 2019.

Intergraph Spoolgen (formerly SmartPlant® Spoolgen) is a proven, industrial-strength application that enables the creation of piping isometric drawings for fabrication and erection from the design created during the detail engineering phase of projects. Spoolgen is built on Isogen®, theindustry standard software for automated piping isometric generation that has been deployed successfully on all sizes of plant engineering projects in every region of the world.

Intergraph Smart Isometrics (formerly SmartPlant Isometrics), powered by Isogen, is an easy-to-use yet powerful Microsoft® Windows®-based, specification-driven, pipe-sketching application for the as-built plant. Smart Isometrics is the choice of piping engineers and designers for producing industry standard isometric drawings quickly and cost-effectively.

Built on the latest Hexagon technology, the new Smart Isometrics and Spoolgen product releases enhance the ability of users to collaborate by promoting standardized handover, transparency of status for all stakeholders and increased automation of manual processes.

Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics enable customers running construction projects to establish a digital chain for piping data through pipe fabrication in offsite workshops. Based on the widely used Isogen file formats, the solution can receive piping data from almost any source, add fabrication details and create drawings and documents to support fabrication and then hand over accurate pipe spool information to the pipe shop and later to the construction site.

The 2019 Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics releases support a Hexagon PPM standard API – this means Spoolgen and Isometrics piping data can be used in powerful reports and dashboards built using Microsoft Power BI – where dashboards and reports can be created based on piping data in the system. 

David Myall, managing director, Alias Ltd, Hexagon PPM, said, “Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics both have a distinct advantage over competitors with their ability to automate drawing and document production: in competitive solutions, isometric outputs have to be created manually, not produced automatically. The automation available with Spoolgen and Smart Isometrics minimizes errors, speeds delivery and produces consistent, quality deliverables.”

To learn more about Intergraph Smart Isometrics, please visit hexagonppm.com/products/3d-product-family/intergraph-smart-isometrics. More information about Intergraph Spoolgen is available at hexagonppm.com/products/pfc-product-family/intergraph-spoolgen.

Hexagon PPM Technical User Forum (TUF) LinkedIn groups provide an online discussionforum for year-round networking between users. To learn more about Hexagon solutions for fabrication and construction and to network with users, visit hexagonppm.com/technical-user-forums.

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