Hexagon introduces HxGN MineDiscover Display 9

22 June 2018

TUCSON, ARIZONA, JUNE 26, 2018 – Hexagon‘s Mining division today introduces HxGN MineDiscover Display 9, an advanced machine display that will maximize the user experience for equipment operators.

The new display features an optically bonded, anti-glare 9-inch touchscreen that guarantees visibility in tough environments. It‘s multi-touch capable, allowing future applications to utilize features such as pinch-to-zoom and gestures. Display 9 is designed for harsh environments and can withstand the extreme environmental conditions typically encountered in mines. 

The heart of the new Display 9 features a powerful Intel-based computing platform that improves performance significantly. The greatly improved user experience means enhanced productivity and operator efficiency.

“Through the use of the latest technologies, the Display 9 brings a new level of performance to our hardware suite,“ said Principal Product Manager, Joe Arico. “Operators will immediately notice a smoother interaction with our MineOperate portfolio, allowing them to work more efficiently”.

Display 9 becomes the standard offering on all the company‘s low-precision equipment and high-precision dozers. It will be available optionally on other high-precision equipment alongside the standard Display 12 offering.


About Hexagon Mining

Hexagon is a global leader in digital solutions that create Autonomous Connected Ecosystems (ACE), a state where data is connected seamlessly through the convergence of the physical world with the digital, and intelligence is built-in to all processes.

Hexagon’s industry-specific solutions leverage domain expertise in sensor technologies, software, and data orchestration to create Smart Digital Realities™ that improve productivity and quality across manufacturing, infrastructure, safety and mobility applications.

Hexagon’s Mining division solves surface and underground challenges with proven technologies for planning, operations, and safety.

Hexagon (Nasdaq Stockholm: HEXA B) has approximately 24,500 employees in 50 countries and net sales of approximately 5.4bn EUR. Learn more at hexagon.com and follow us @HexagonAB.

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