Hexagon - Capital Markets Day

1 December 2009

Today Hexagon hosted a capital markets day in Stockholm where Hexagon's CEO and President Ola Rollén gave a detailed global overview of the market and the drivers for future growth.

Hexagon estimates that the total market for measurement technology has an 8 per cent annual long-term growth. Hexagon's strategy is to focus R&D efforts towards products which have a higher average growth rate than the market. This in combination with the fact that Hexagon derives 34 per cent of sales from emerging markets will result in that Hexagon's share of the total market for measurement technology will continue to increase.

During 2009 Hexagon has implemented a cost reduction programme which annually renders savings of approximately 900 MSEK. Out of these, 500 to 600 MSEK are sustainable as the economy recovers and will as a consequence contribute positively to the company's operating margin target.

A growing market, increased market share, the positive effects of the cost reduction programme and Hexagon's experience of carrying out and implementing acquisitions, results in that the Company's sales target of 20 billion SEK and the EBIT margin target of 20 per cent by the end of 2011 remains.

A large group of investors, analysts and journalists participated at the Hexagon Capital Markets Day 2009. During the day representatives from Hexagon's management presented a number of products and growth prospects within Metrology, Geospatial and the operations in South America.
The presentation given by Ola Rollén will be available at Hexagon's webpage www.hexagon.se.

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