True digital twin for manufacturers

Combine real-time, real-world data with immersive simulation to unleash game changing capabilities. This is the true digital twin manufacturers have been waiting for.

A person with a tablet studies the outline of a concept vehicle body with neon highlights and data on a dark blue grid background

Digital Twin

The technology you need to redefine what's real.

Real digital twin

Advanced simulation is a vital technology and a powerful enabler of the digital twin, but it should not be confused with the digital twin

True digital twin technology is multi-faceted, autonomous and far more immersive. Offering genuine potential to transform operations, it harnesses advanced simulation to deploy the powerful learnings of advanced analytics, artificial intelligence and real-world feedback. It’s not only incredibly intelligent and adaptive – it’s the most powerful solution of its kind on the market.

The power of true digital twin for manufacturers

In a world driven by transformative ideas, digital twin is a catalyst to sustainable innovation. It can help us redefine the products we make and how we make them. Not only is a real digital twin the ultimate playground for innovation, it drives optimisation across the entire value chain supporting business agility and growth.

Hexagon's digital twin is designed to help manufacturers supercharge global operations, fuel progress at a factory level and optimise virtually everything – from assets and workflows to products, parts and entire production facilities, it gives you the intelligence you need to make the right decisions sooner.

Understand the potential opportunities or flaws of a design before it leaves the drawing board. Measure and visualise everything in real-time to quickly predict pitfalls or points of failure in manufacturing processes.

Unleashing optimisation and deep understanding

Hexagon's digital twin combines real-time, real-world data, with immersive simulation to unleash game changing capabilities. It’s the digital twin manufacturing needs to accelerate transformation.

Our unique solution fuses the digital and physical worlds like no other product on the market, enabling manufacturers to autonomously measure and compare every component to its original design in real-time.

Gain a profound understanding of your operations. Embed quality into your products at a micron level. Combine iteration and innovation. Predict potential issues before they occur. Create a digital reality feedback loop between real and digital assets. Provide actionable data to shop floor users and transform your business.

Putting manufacturing data to work 

At the core of this pioneering technology lies the integration of quality assurance and quality control data. All data is aggregated in one place, available digitally, in real-time, providing complete visibility and context to every situation in an ever-evolving landscape.

Hexagon's digital twin goes one step further, harnessing the power of a digital thread that orchestrates the optimum response based on your data – supercharging quality across the entire value chain. Vitally, our solution provides actionable data directly to shop floor users for optimal responsiveness. 

Seamless workflows that integrate the manufacturing and operational value chains mean Hexagon's digital twin ensures manufacturers can maximise productivity, quality, safety and profit.

Augmenting innovation with autonomy

Hexagon is bringing the autonomy of machine learning and AI to the digital twin. This transforms a static, single-source-of-truth into a dynamic, evolving tool that optimises everything from the parts being made to the manufacturing process itself, even augmenting human innovation to drive further progress. 

Join us in harnessing the power of the true digital twin, be the shape of change, redefine what’s possible.  

"Digital twins are the key to accelerating digital transformation."