Research and Development

Fast-tracked and future-proofed

Driving Innovation –  Driven by Innovation

Hexagon is the global technology leader it is today for one reason: our R&D. It is in our DNA to both drive – and be driven by – innovation. We reinvest between 10 and 12% of our revenues each year into research and development, and a team 5,000 strong are 100% focused on innovation every day.

Ahead of the curve

Emerging technologies are changing the landscape of business and business models. To keep our customers ahead of the frontier curve of innovation, we centralise core technology innovations into three areas of focus: 

  • Software Ecosystems Innovation: intelligence built-in. Our strategy is to embed enabling technologies enterprise-wide using Hexagon's platform named Xalt. This platform leverages state of the art and cloud-native components to obtain a strong focus on developing towards Hexagons’ verticals and use-cases.
  • Integrated Technologies Innovation: future-proofing technologies. Integrated hardware and software innovation specific to Hexagon’s proprietary technologies to continually improve industry-specific workflows. Our research focuses on simulation as a service for virtual prototyping, electro-optical distance measurement, opto-mechatronics, CAE, image & point cloud processing, sensors, IMU, photonics, modelling and artificial intelligence, and collaborates with various technology universities from around the world.
  • Visual Computing Innovation: delivering a smart digital reality. Sensors (like cameras, LIDAR and GNSS) are digitizing the entire physical world from end to end so that all things and places will be machine-readable, subject to the power of algorithms. Visual computing puts data to work by intersecting computer vision and computer graphics to make the world of data visual — creating a Smart Digital RealityTM digital that allows for quick understanding and improved decision-making capabilities.