Research & Development

Fast-tracked and future-proofed

Hexagon has a specialised team from R&D focused exclusively on helping customers accelerate data leverage, especially when bogged down by legacy technologies. The solution is called Xalt, a radical new approach to accelerating digital transformation. It’s comprehensive in the core capabilities needed today, yet infinitely scalable for the future. Xalt solutions are easy to implement and compatible with existing information and operational technologies. Xalt will fast track a customer’s ability to harness IoT data and extract its full potential and value.
Xalt AI 

Xalt | AI

Xalt | AI is a machine learning engine that can be used in all Xalt components. This engine can predict, analyse, and optimise business outcomes in the cloud, on-premise, or on the edge, using a very light and portable application.  
Xalt Edge 

Xalt | Edge

Xalt | Edge is a software development kit (SDK) that collects and delivers real-time data to enable connectivity between the edge and apps, cloud, databases, etc.   
Xalt Integration 

Xalt | Integration

Xalt | Integration provides interfaces to connect multiple software applications and a highly configurable no-code business rules engine to solve enterprise-level integration challenges.   
Xalt Mobility 

Xalt | Mobility

Xalt | Mobility allows customers to quickly create apps to solve specific business problems.  Apps created with Xalt | Mobility are compatible across operating systems, mobile and web platforms, and operate within a secure cloud environment. Xalt | Mobility also provides standardised templates, or a catalogue of apps. 
Xalt Visualization 

Xalt | Visualization

Xalt | Visualization is the ability to visualise massive 2D/3D data sets at high speeds, maintaining scalability and usability regardless of operating system, hardware platform and device form factor.