The Aragonese company Segi S.L. has opted for top quality mechanisation by incorporating a DEA global performance machine

SEGI S.L. - Spain

The autonomous community of Aragon has had for some months what is possibly the most precise CMM installed over its history in the metal industry. The machined products company SEGI S.L. has opted for the highest quality technology by making a significant investment with the aim of achieving maximum results on quality and dimension control. To undertake this project SEGI has laid down its trust in Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence and its team of professionals. Specifically, a DEA GLOBAL Performance 7107 Coordinate Measurement Machine was recently installed, equipped with a Leitz LSP-X1 probe, automatic changer and PC-DMIS PRO software and the GEAR module – the software of choice to monitor gears.

SEGI S.L. means a commitment to quality, precision and reliability

The Aragonese company SEGI S.L is one of the most competitive in its sector and is recognised for its corporate and productive rigourousness; its main activity is carving straight and spiral gears, although the company also develops a broad variety of mechanised products.

The company’s main customers come from the fields of automotion, aeronautics, renewable energies, high speed trains, elevation systems and agricultural machinery. During its productive processes the company uses lathes, mechanised centres, carvers and CNC rectifiers and requires, in accordance with its top quality commitment, the most rigorous verification and measurement system to verify the perfect finishing of each one of the components it produces.

To achieve this aim, SEGI has placed its trust in the experience, rigour and prestige of Hexagon, and specifically, one of its flagship products, the GLOBAL PERFORMANCE model manufactured by the Italian firm DEA.

Satisfactory balance

SEGI SL Spain DEA globalAt SEGI they are very satisfied with the presentations of machinery and software acquired at Hexagon in addition to the high level of capability and maximum degree of involvement of its professionals in the finished project.

Daniel Serrate, SEGI Quality Manager, explains to us that: “The company’s productive processes require certification that the components we produce comply with the dimensional specifications our customers have requested. For this reason, we need a system which enables us to monitor production processes as effectively and quickly as possible by measuring gears, multiplier gearboxes and other components. In this field, the precision and flexibility of DEA GLOBAL Performance, has meant a twofold decisive contribution; the provisions of the machine itself and the prestige for us of working with such top quality technology when opening up new markets beyond our borders or boosting the growth of those markets in which we are already present.”

Daniel Serrate also has words of gratitude for the Hexagon S.A. personnel who took part in the project: “The top level involvement of Hexagon technicians in our joint project, meant that we considered them as members of our company. Once our needs were set out they helped us define the most effective way to use the measurement system adapted to our production; their participation was essential to optimise measurement processes.”

Finally, the SEGI S.L. quality manager also made a very positive assessment of the provisions offered by PC-DMIS: “The application of PC-DMIS for gears was a very pleasant surprise because it makes highly graphic reports with an extremely high qualitative level, which enables us to specify our future production route as rigorously as possible, based on the measurements obtained. The speed in making reports and their subsequent interpretation and application has enabled us to speed up many of our processes and increase our competitiveness.”

Once again, the growth and improved performance of companies which incorporate its machines and measuring systems is for Hexagon S.A. the best business card and guarantee of seriousness, commitment and rigour.